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About our company

ActiveAI was founded in 2017 to provide auto response and AI technologies for voice and messaging applications. ​

The ActiveAI portal is a 24/7, real-time single point of control - whenever and wherever. Order numbers, create visual designs, and much more with instant availability.

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Our Services

Text and Multimedia Message Services

What is Text Messaging?

Best known and most popular on wireless (cellular) wide area networks, text messaging (sometimes called texting or wireless messaging) has numerous applications, from casual, consumer-to-consumer communications, to information services and alerts, notifications, premium (paid) services, e-commerce, mobile marketing, healthcare, security and more.

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What is messaging AI?

Active AI's messaging and automation services help enterprises and resellers build robust messaging and voice solutions that require no human intervention. Through training tensor flow and using automated bot technology to program responses, you can see a 70% decrease in the need for human interactions. These interactions can be as simple as checking orders or change appointment times, to asking questions about products, or training an AI bot to learn more about your products and services.

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